Do you feel sleepy after a chiropractic adjustment?

A patient this morning asked if it was normal to feel tired after a chiropractic adjustment.

“Yes!” I told him. The reason is this…

Since we are re-aligning your spine when we adjust you,

We are also taking pressure off your spinal cord and nervous system.

So your nerves go from a state of being tense (due to life stresses),

To a state of being relaxed.

And thus you feel sleepy…

In fact, if you do experience this, it is a sign your nervous system WAS quite stressed.

And you probably did not even realize it.

But with an adjustment,

The physiology in your body has now improved (at least temporarily)…

If you’ve had chiropractic before and did not feel this way,

That is normal.

Torque Release Technique (the method we use),

Is a form of care based on improving your neurology.

We go very deep into your body’s needs.

So you can almost EXPECT to get tired after we adjust you.

If you have felt this way and want to share with us,

Or have more questions,

Let us know.

Or just email us back on this email.

We’d be happy to share more with you 🙂