New Patients

Welcome to Arora Family Chiropractic! Our team provides a range of healthcare services. If you’re scheduling for a chiropractic visit, below you can find a description of what to expect.

To save time for yourself when you come for your first appointment, please download the following form. You can either print and complete the intake form before your visit or arrive 5-10 minutes to fill them out in the clinic.

The Initial Visit

Our initial visit process involves a consultation with Dr. Arora to determine whether he can help you with your concern or not. Assuming he can, he would move forward with the examination process. This includes the use of Insight™ technology, which involves three scans of your spine, taking about 10-15 minutes in total. Please don’t exercise or have anything with caffeine for 2-3 hours before your appointment, as that can affect the readings.

Then we would proceed to check your muscles, joints, and nerve function.

This total visit takes about 30 minutes.

Recommendations Visit

At your second appointment, which could be the same day, or subsequent visit, you’ll receive a report of Dr. Arora’s findings from your examination, including a printed copy of your scan readings. You’ll receive his full recommendations for care and have your first chiropractic adjustment.

Certain acute cases may receive an adjustment on the first visit when appropriate.

Continuing Care

Some people have heard that if they start care, they have to keep going to the chiropractor for their entire life. It is a personal choice to continue seeing us, and we respect your decision. If you want to be under care for years to come because you feel it’s beneficial, we support you in that. Others choose to simply resolve a particular complaint and cease care.