Tennis Elbow Treatment Winnipeg

Are you suffering from Tennis Elbow and it’s just not getting better? Tennis elbow is on the outside part of the elbow (or golfer’s elbow, which is on the inside part of the elbow), are common conditions where the repetitive strain of the forearm can create damage to the tendons and muscles around the elbow. This can lead to pain when bending the arm, or when twisting the arm. At Arora Family Chiropractic, we have the Gold standard treatment for Tennis Elbow. We use a combination of Shockwave Therapy, plus other modalities such as ultrasound, bracing, and exercises to strengthen the elbow again.

Anatomy of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow occurs when the tendons on the outside part of your elbow become inflamed. The medical term is lateral epicondylitis. Sometimes the bone can be tender as well. But typically it is the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the area that are injured.

Tennis Elbow Treatment – Shockwave Therapy Winnipeg

How does treatment work?

Shockwaves are explosive sound waves that penetrate the tissue to allow for healing. It is great to break up scar tissue, increase blood circulation, and initiate the healing process wherever it is applied. We typically use 1500-2000 pulses. Although the patient will feel a tapping sensation, the treatment is completely painless. Most people feel better after one session!

  1. apply gel on injured area
  2. turn on shockwave machine
  3. set number of pulses up to 2000
  4. set power of shockwave pulses
  5. glide applicator around injured tissue (we avoid boney area)

Typical protocol for tennis elbow treatment is 3-5 sessions.