Can you guess how often we here patients saying they have a hard time falling asleep?

Or they have a hard time staying asleep?

Answer:  All the Time.

So… realize you are not alone.

The challenge is, as you know, there is no single remedy.

However, there are many experts out there, and one in particular that I like.

His name is Andrew Huberman…you may have heard of him.

Huberman is a neuroscientist and has a very popular podcast.

He often talks about the science of the brain.

And one of his most commonly talked about subjects are sleep.

What advice does he give on sleep?  Here are some examples…

Sleep and wake up at the same time each day
No caffeine before bedtime
Keep bedroom cool at night
Reduce alcohol consumption
No screens two hours before bed

Of course, these are the more common ones that simply scratch the surface.

In fact, I would suggest checking out part of his website that is dedicated specifically to sleep.

On it, he brings on many sleep experts as guests, and has a library of youtube videos you can watch.

So check it out if you can!

We hope that helps.

Need anything from us?  Let us know.

Dr. A