Be careful out there.

With the amount of snow on the roads, please stay safe while driving. In the unfortunate instance that you get into a car accident and are injured, this is what you keep in mind:

You may feel shock or disorientation at first – this is not uncommon.

Check yourself and your passengers to make sure you are all safe.

You may feel dizzy, have a headaches, or even feel discomfort pain in your neck or back. Whiplash injuries are very common with car collisions.

Note that sometimes an injury will present itself right away, but sometimes it can take days before you notice anything.

Contact MPI to report the accident, and if you feel you are injured even the slightest bit, make sure you open an MPI injury claim as well.

If you do start feeling symptoms and require care, contact our office to book an appointment for Chiropractic or Athletic Therapy treatment as MPI will pay for your care.

We will take care of the paperwork needed, submit a report, and bill MPI directly.

Studies show even the mildest whiplash injuries can have long lasting effects on health so make sure you take care of yourself.

If you have any questions, let us know! Drive safely out there.