The Power of Chiropractic

Sometimes we just like to celebrate our successes, and this time we wanted to share a few with you!

Whether we are helping to improve how your body’s nervous system fires, or whether we are making structural corrections in your spine and body (or both), here are some recent patient successes we’ve seen in our office that we thought would be fun to share…


*One of the top golfers in the province just won the Manitoba PGA championship a couple weeks ago partially because his spine is feeling simply better! (see the testimonial section of our website for details)

*A recent patient of ours had been on modified duties for 5 years because of a car accident and they are now back to work full time thanks to chiropractic care 🙂

*Another patient of ours has no more migraines and is even off the medications they were taking for it!

*One patient avoided a cortisone injection in their low back after a family member said to “try” chiropractic with us!

*A 2 year old girl had been constipated for months, and after just a few sessions of chiropractic care with us, is now having regular bowel movements!
*Speaking of “regularity”, another patient had his first adjustment and “couldn’t stop going to the bathroom” that day.  How’s that for getting the nervous system going again?
*We’ve had several cases of patients with severe sciatic pain – to the point where some come limping into the office.  They are ALL doing so much better 🙂

*Four patients have announced pregnancies while being under care this past month.  One sought out care specifically to “realign their spine” prior to conceiving, and the other three came in with low back pain while expressing they were trying to get pregnant on their intake form!

*A patient broke down crying for three hours after her FIRST adjustment.  That’s what happens when a chiropractic adjustment helps release years of built up tension in the nervous system!

We hope you enjoyed these.  Remember, chiropractic isn’t just about pain relief.  It is about restoring the normal tone and function of the nervous system. That is how we get you not just pain free, but HEALTHY 🙂

Do you have a success story you want to share?  Tell us!

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