Snow is Here. Accidents can happen 🙁

This is a gentle reminder for what to do if you are in a car accident.
Most importantly, make sure you and your passengers are safe.
It’s very common to feel shock or disorientation after an accident.
Sometimes injuries will present themselves right away, but sometimes they won’t (it can even take days!).
But once you are able to collect yourself, and you start feeling pain, you contact MPI and open an injury claim.
You may think, “oh, it’s nothing. I will get better…”
But did you know that studies show even the mildest whiplash injuries can have long lasting effects?
The next thing you know, you have trouble sitting in a chair, working on your computer, or sleeping at night.
So no injury should be taken lightly…
Once you open an MPI claim, simply contact our office to book an appointment for Chiropractic or Athletic Therapy treatment.
We would simply take care of any paperwork needed, submit reports on your behalf, and bill MPI directly for any treatment needed.
It’s that simple.
Any questions? Let us know!

What Conditions Do We Treat

Here are the most common conditions associated with a motor vehicle accident:

Headaches and Dizziness
Whiplash and Neck Pain
Soft Tissue Injuries
Middle and Lower Back Pain
Shoulder, Arm, Leg, and Knee Pain
Sciatica and Sacroiliac Pain
Chest Pain

Three tips to help stay safe on the road!

  1. Pay close attention to changing tire pressure as temperatures continue to drop (air pressure decreases in cold weather!)
  2. Drive slowly. Avoid rushing by giving yourself extra travel time in poor conditions.
  3. Keep an emergency bag in your vehicle – add gloves, hats, flashlights, booster cables – anything that can help to keep you safe in an emergency.