Dear patient,

From time to time, we will now be sending out a “Health Tip of the Day”.  We hope you find these helpful!

Here’s our first one…

Shoulder problems are common, but there’s a simple solution that could go a long way for you.

Consider this…

What is your sleeping position? Do you sleep on your side?

If yes, are you sleeping on the same side as your shoulder pain?

We don’t realize it, but when we sleep on our shoulder, we create pressure on the shoulder, which can last the whole night.

And as the force of this pressure persists, it can cause your shoulder to start to roll forward.

As the shoulder continues to roll forward, since the muscles get pulled, it’s not uncommon to start feeling pain and discomfort.

So…first thing to do is to try sleeping on your back (or opposite shoulder) for a while and see what happens.

It’s very possible that this small change gives your painful shoulder a chance to heal – as you are now applying less pressure on it while you sleep.

Over time, the shoulder may even start to roll back to its place.

If you feel like your shoulder is “permanently” rolled forward, very often, a single chiropractic adjustment can fix this as well.

Something to keep in mind if you ever want to try!

We hope this simple tip helps, and if you have any questions, let us know 🙂

Yours in health,

Arora Family Chiropractic Team.