Have you ever wondered how the spine really works?

First of all… the spine is the bony foundation of the body and it controls the central nervous system.

All our muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons attach to it.

You can see what it looks like right here:

Can you see from the picture that if the spine is tilted or imbalanced, your whole body will misalign?

Think of the game, Jenga.  Imagine taking one block out from the middle.  Would that throw the stack’s balance off?

Imagine you moved a whole bunch of them out of place.  Could the stack collapse?

Of course!

Our bodies work the exact same way (but we don’t “collapse” so you don’t have to worry about that!)

See, just like Jenga blocks, our spinal vertebrae misalign very frequently (this is due to stress – a completely different conversation).

It is just how we are made.

Once that happens, our biomechanics are thrown off, which affects the body’s balance.

The result? The pressure starts to build in certain spots.   Our neck, back, our hips, our knees, our feet…

What happens next?

Pain. Discomfort.

What else can happen…?

If your spinal vertebrae are misaligned, then the nerves that stem out of the spine get irritated.

The result?  When your brain is sending signals down the spine and out these nerves, the signals aren’t clear anymore. They have interference.

These unclear nerve signals start to affect how your body works.

Your lungs, heart, kidneys, intestines.

Ever hear of the person that sees improved digestion when they see a chiropractor?

Well we do because we see it all the time!

The bottom line is that the spine needs to be aligned, and the nerves need to be sending clear signals in order for your body to be healthy.

In fact, we often cannot even tell if our spine and nervous systems need realignment.

Well, that is what we are here for 🙂

If you haven’t booked an adjustment in a long time, let us know.  As chiropractors, we will re-align you and let your body do the rest.

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Yours in health, Arora Family Chiropractic Team.