Dear patient,

It is really ironic…

I was looking up health related articles on the internet,

And this video caught my eye:

It’s a short, 1 and a 1/2 minute video on CNN (not including the ad before it),

And it’s Robert Waldinger talking about an ongoing Harvard research from the 1930’s that is still going on today.

The focus of this study?

“What is the number one factor that makes us happy and helps us live longer?”

Now we all know there are many factors…

Diet, exercise, stress levels, etc.

But this video fascinated me because I had written about this exact same topic, and this exact same study on our clinic blog 2.5 years ago!

There is a Ted Talk in this above link which I highly recommend watching.

The TLDW version? (that’s the abbreviation for ‘too long didn’t watch”)

That the happiest people on this planet are those that have strong, quality relationships with family or friends.

(I still recommend watching it by the way as it’s only 12 minutes long)

Thus, as we all endure a life that currently revolves around a pandemic,

And as we approach the Holiday Season,

Let’s all keep in perspective of what is important.

It’s our relationships with each other.

Whether it is family or friends, pay attention to your relationships.

If we are mindful of this, we all be happier and hopefully live longer lives 🙂

Always here for you, Dr. Arora and the Arora Family Chiropractic Team.