There is a really good Ted Talk that I recommend watching. It’s called “Why Sitting Down Destroys You”. A family member shared it with me, and I am sharing it with you because I found it quite interesting.

Now the title of the Ted Talk is a little misleading as the majority of what the speaker talks about does not simply entail sitting habits and how it affects your body..

But there are many nice little nuggets the speaker touches on that stood out.

For example…

He explains why fashion models have  some of the best walking postures.

He also discusses why our fitness regimes should emulate that of gymnasts and not what we typically learn and read about in fitness magazines.

He also talks about how we should model our habits after children and their “exquisite movements”.

This Ted Talk is interesting as it points out some common sensical things that really make you question why we continually do things that damage our bodies, when so much of it is preventable.

Much of what he discusses is on how debilitating musculoskeletal issues are… and how if you don’t have proper mobility in the spine and joints, your body will suffer.  We should be stretching our joints, and not just our muscles.

In general, we need to start re-learning how to move our bodies and how to treat them.

The famous Chinese proverb – “You are as old as your spine” was a nice little plug as well.

So here it is.  I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it.

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