We hope that you have a great long weekend, and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Note that we will be closed Monday, but will re-open on Tuesday, August 4th.

In the meantime, here are some random tips that will help you manage your pain over the next few days!

The age old question… Ice or Heat?

Use ice if the area is tender, inflamed, if the pain levels are high, or if the injury is new.

Use heat if the area is achy, stiff, or chronic as heat will allow the muscles and tendons to relax.

Of course you can alternate between the two as well. Five minutes on, and five minutes off…

Worst case, try both and see what works better!

What stretches should you do?

It depends on the your area of pain. Start with basic stretches – check our previous blogs for advice, https://www.arorafamilychiropractic.ca/blog/, or simply do a quick google search.

But…. keep in mind that sometimes stretching can make things worse.

Do not think “No pain, No gain”. This philosophy does not apply to the body when you are in pain.

Sometimes you just need time to heal, and activity in general can aggravate pain.

Here is another example….

If you have pain in your lower body (back, knees, feet etc), do not go for a run.

You may enjoy your morning runs/jogs, but the impact of running can be detrimental to your joints and back.

And in the long run cause more problems…

Rest can be best. Give your body time to heal.

The same goes with exercise.

If you are having neck or shoulder issues, don’t go to the gym and lift weights (especially above your shoulder level).

Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.

Do you have a TENS unit at home? Don’t let it collect dust. Use it!

Have we recently given you with a back belt to help stabilize your lower back?

Make sure you are using it 🙂

What else can you do this weekend?

Enjoy. Be happy. Spend time socializing.

Did you know that QUALITY of your relationships have a profound effect on your happiness?

Check out this blog I wrote a few months ago: https://www.arorafamilychiropractic.ca/do-you-watch-ted-talks-if-not/

The simple act of being happy has a dramatic effect on your pain levels. Research is consistently showing this.

Be present and be mindful. Don’t worry about the future.

If you need someone to help you with that, we have Jacob, a mindfulness and meditation coach at our clinic…

So hopefully the above helps just a bit.

And we hope you enjoy your next few days.

It has been an interesting summer so far. The best we can do is hold our heads high, and keep moving forward!

As always, if you need anything, give us a call, or simply respond to this email.

And we will always do our best to help you.