In our continued quest to provide an all inclusive and full health care approach,

We are excited to announce the newest member of our team!

Meet Jacob… 


Jacob is dedicated to using meditation as a preventative medicine technique. He is passionate about teaching the keys to stress management for living a meaningful life, through exercise, mindfulness, and mindfulness in exercise… 


  • Meditation
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition

Jacob’s hobbies are: Reading, Trail Running, Art, Camping, Music, Sports, Coffee & Listening to Alan Watts Podcasts.

He is very good at what he does, and specializes in these areas…

  • Help people clarify their purpose and life direction
  • Help heal difficult memories in mental health practice
  • Reduce anxiety in the face of medical procedures
  • Resolve phobias
  • Train performers and athletes to enter a state of calm focus
  • Improve intimacy skills in relationships and marriages
  • Expand serenity and spirituality for people in recovery
  • Increase creative problem-solving abilities
  • Reduce social anxieties and shyness
  • Reduce the fear of dying
  • Teach students to achieve relaxed concentration during tests
  • Teach employees to prevent or reduce stress-related illnesses

If you think that you could benefit from any of the above, Jacob is offering a 60 minute Meditation Consultation for only $40.  He will take this opportunity to get to know you, your needs, and customize meditation that works specifically for you.


He is offering these upcoming workshops:

** On Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th at 6 pm, Jacob is offering a 90 minute workshop where he would talk about mindfulness, do a group meditation, and answer any questions for you.  The cost to attend is only $20 per person.  If you are already a client of Jacob’s, this is FREE to attend.

Email us back or give us a call if you would like to book anything.

Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. And therefore, if you meditate with a goal on the future like to improve your mind,  character, or to be more efficient in life then you’ve got your eye on something that you’ll never grasp. Just do your duty with detachment, and allow your mind to grow with the course of nature.”