If you have been at home more, and on your computer or smartphone more than ever,

Chances are, your posture is suffering.

We all have a tendency to lean over and keep our heads down when we are using technology.

Over a long period of time, this is detrimental not only to your neck and upper back area, but also to your health.

How you ask?

Check out this recent article published by Harvard Medical School: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/3-surprising-risks-of-poor-posture


Incontinence. Constipation. Heartburn. Moods, Energy levels, Sleep.

As you can see from here, if you can look past your neck and back problems, good posture is also paramount to good health.

And keep in mind this applies not only to adults, but to children as well.  How does your child carry themselves? How many hours is your child spending on their screens these days?

So how do we combat this?

Part of it is of course being aware of our postures at all times. Think of how a soldier stands upright.

When we are looking down for so many hours in a day, this is difficult to maintain.

So as much as you can, back by popular demand, try these really easy spinal hygiene exercises.

1. Simply extend your head back and hold it there like you’re looking at the ceiling

2. Roll your shoulders up, then back, and lock them when they are back there.  Feel that “soldier posture”?

3. Looking straight ahead, pull your head back so your ears are over your shoulders (that is where they should always be)

And that’s it.

The key with these stretches is to not feel pressured into taking 30 minutes out of your day to do these. Because then you simply won’t do them.

All you need to do is spend 10 seconds on them at a time. But do them many times during the day.

When you’re sitting… standing… working… whenever.

They are easy, and just incorporate them during your days.

It is true that if you are suffering from neck, shoulder, back pain, headaches or any related condition,

These stretches won’t be enough to get rid of those problems. You would need treatment for that eg. chiropractic or physical therapy.

But if you are on the brink, these can be helpful. If you are feeling great, these are good preventative stretches.

And at the very least, improving your posture can prevent some of those eyebrow raising conditions that the Harvard Medical School article mentions that you just read.

So try these. And let us know what you think.

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And we can guide you towards better health.