This is a very common question we get here.

The short answer is, it depends…

If you have seen Ashley or Daniel, our Athletic Therapists,

Or Curtis, our Physiotherapist…

Chances are you have been given some home stretches to do,

And in their expert opinions,

This is what is necessary to help get you better.

On the flip side, for certain patients,

Doing too much to the body will slow down the healing.


In other words, when the spine and nervous system are dysfunctional,

We need to fix that through chiropractic before doing anything else.

It’s like fixing the hard drive on a computer first (the hard drive being your spine),

Otherwise even the best software (stretches and exercises) might not work.


Have you ever asked yourself,

Why haven’t your neck or back problem gotten better themselves?

The cut on your finger heals on its own doesn’t it?

What about a sprained ankle?

So why not your spinal area?


In these certain cases, I deliver what I call Good News! to my patients.

I say, Don’t exercise. Don’t stretch too much. Let’s give your body time to heal.

Let me do all the work.

They love it when I say that

Because it takes all the pressure off of them

Let’s fix that hard drive in your body first.

And then we can talk about exercising and stretching…


So don’t always assume.

Sometimes you do need to stretch and to exercise.

But sometimes you don’t.

This is where we, the experts can help guide you,

To get better in the way that works FOR YOU.

Let us help.

We will figure it out for you.