Most of you have probably heard the term now – “Text Neck”.

So what is it exactly?

It is a term that describes the hunched over position of a person’s head,

Due to excessive amounts of cell phone or device use.

Seems simplistic?

Well, it is.

But studies show an average of 5 hours a day is spent by a person looking down at their devices!

Hard to believe?

Take a look at your kids…

Are they in this Text Neck posture often?

Don’t they spend way too much time on their devices?

In fact, researchers at Harvard now say 7 out of 10 people will experience neck pain at some point in their lives.

With the reliance of technology in our lives,

It truly does sound like an epidemic, doesn’t it?

So how can you combat this?

Spend less time on your devices?

Yes… but easier said than done.

How about some simple exercises you can do?

We call these “Spinal Hygeine Exercises”.

Here are a couple of them that you can do at any time…

And they only take a few seconds.

First, simply extend your head back and hold it there like you’re looking at the ceiling.

This is just the opposite position of “text neck position”.

Hold it for 5 seconds.

Do it 5 times.

That’s it.

That’s it?

That’s it….

Here’s one more.

Roll your shoulders up, then back, and lock them when they are back there.

Feel your chest come up?

You should feel proud and energetic when you do this.

Hold it for 5. Do it 5 times.

And that is it.

So try these.

Tell your kids to try these… (ideally just get them off their devices).

But don’t become one of those 7 out of 10 that develops neck problems,

Or a multitude of other health problems,

That studies are now showing can result from Text Neck.

Any questions?

Call us.