Did you injure your knee and simply haven’t recovered?

Or are you getting older and your knee just seems to bother you more and more with each passing day?

Whether you tore your ACL playing sports…

Or are suffering from a degenerative knee condition due to aging,

We have a new solution for you.

We now offer Custom Knee Braces.

Custom knee bracing is beneficial for many knee conditions:

Torn ACL, damaged meniscus, loss of cartilage, osteoarthritis etc.

Now in many cases, doing simple things like stretching your hips or hamstring muscles will help with some of your discomfort.

By doing this, it will take the pressure off the muscles that are pulling on the knee.

Some strengthening exercises may also be helpful.

As would wearing certain types of shoes.

But if the discomfort is simply not going away,

And you are unable to things such as go for walks, or play sports…

Then a proper brace could be beneficial.

We would start by having your knee assessed by one of our professionals…

We would take measurements of your knee,

And help you choose the perfect brace for your condition.

We use a very reputable lab that is based in Quebec.

So reputable that we have a lifetime guarantee on some of their braces.

Our flagship brace also comes with a no-charge remake once during the first year.

Speaking of charges… most insurance plans cover the cost of these braces.

We will look into that for you – and make the process as easy as possible for you.

So call us if you think this is a solution for you.

We are here to help.