If you look around, you will see all sorts of people.

Some carry their heads low,

Almost like they will fall over.

Some have their heads or hips shifted to the right,

Or left.

Some look like they are twisted like pretzels.

Do you know anyone like that?

What about yourself?

Studies show that good posture is paramount to good health.

When you don’t have it, your spine and nervous system become compromised…

Which affects your inner health (without you even realizing it).

For many, your muscles and joints may also start to stiffen.

And this happens not only in adults,

But in kids too…

Seniors usually have it worst.

So take a look in the mirror tonight.

Because you may not have noticed before,

How is your posture?

Here at the office, we have a computer program that will check your posture…

And measure exactly where your balance is off (we only charge $25 for it and is covered by insurance).

And if we find you need help,

We can work towards fixing it.

We can provide simple exercises for you to do at home.

Or treat you if you need it.

We’ll give you what you want and get you to hang your head up high again.

So listen to your grandmother…

“Fix your posture!”

And give us a call or tell someone you know to give us a call.


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