For most people that come to see us,

They have a certain condition that needs care.

Or an area that is causing pain.

Understandably, that is the reason WHY people come to us.

BUT… from our perspective,

Our care for you goes beyond that.

For example, if you have back problems and have trouble with simple things,

Like sitting at your work desk for too long,

Or being able to exercise at the gym,

Or being able to go for walks in your neighborhood,

Even being able to sleep comfortably at night…

THAT is what we are trying to fix for you.

Yes we are helping to reduce your pain levels.

But ultimately, we are trying to help you GET YOUR LIFE BACK.

If under care, your drops your pain levels by 30 or 40%,

That is great.

But if you still can’t be at your work desk without thinking about your pain,

Or can’t run on the treadmill which helps you feel good about yourself and lose weight,

Then there is more to do.

And that is the real reason why we are here.

Our team is here to help you get your life back.

We have collaborative care here with many practitioners.

If you are confused who to see, book a “Consultation Only”.

And we will advise who is the best person for you to see.

It might be one of us. It might be two or even three of us.

It might be one of us now. Then another person later in your care.

Whatever your body needs – that is what we will advise you.

So give us a call if you have questions.

Or respond back to this email if you want to book.