The other day, a patient asked this…

“How long have you been here for?”

It is a question we get asked from time to time.

The short answer?

Almost 8 years.

We first started next door (in a smaller unit).

We only had chiropractic and massage services then.

Eventually, we needed to add more treatments to serve our clients better.

Fast forward four years…

And we moved into our current space,

Which is quite a bit bigger.

We went through some renovations to make the clinic look nice.

We added our famous Shockwave Therapy, and Spinal Decompression treatments.

And since then, two Athletic Therapists joined our team.

And now a Physiotherapist.

We didn’t have Massage for a few years.

But we do again.


We renovated once more…

We painted the clinic, and got some beautiful artwork from a local artist (Megan Vun Wong).

We really try to make your experience special.

We play soothing music for our clients (through our Spotify playlists).

Laurie bakes cookies and other items from time to time,

Simply out of the goodness of her heart.

We dress up on special occasions – did you see what Ashley was wearing on Halloween?!

We have a fantastic team,

Who’s only goal is to serve you the best we can.

If you need anything,

Call us.

Or respond to this email.

Or book online.

We are here for you anytime.