If you are under chiropractic care with us, you likely know a little bit about it.

And if you aren’t under care, you likely don’t know anything about it.

Either way, here are 8 reasons why patients like our Torque Release Technique (TRT) that we use in our office.

1. Gentle –   The spine is adjusted with a gentle instrument called an Integrator. There are no manual manipulations involved.

2. Precision – With the Integrator, we can pinpoint the exact spot on the spine that requires an adjustment.

3. Fast – an adjustment is fast, typically 3-4 minutes.

4. Reproducible – Because the Integrator is used, the precision can be reproduced every single time. There is less room for human error (as with hand adjustments)

5. Deeper approach –   We are working to reduce the amount of tension and/or torsion being placed at either end of the spinal cord. By re-tuning this frequency with the TRT adjustment, your nervous system as a whole functions better.

6. Better results – Since TRT helps the nervous system function better, in addition to basic headaches, neck and back pain, there are a number of other health problems we have helped solved in patients.  These include many conditions most people don’t associate chiropractors helping with. (see list below)

7. Longer lasting results – Rather than temporary relief, since your nervous system functions better under TRT care, your body holds the improvement longer.

8. Ongoing benefits – Many patients continue with care after their initial concern is corrected.  Simple things like better energy, sleep, being free of aches and pains, and more – are benefits many continue to see.

For more on the science and research behind Torque Release Technique, click here: https://torquerelease.com/explanation-of-trt/

These are other conditions we have helped people with using Torque Release Technique.

– Improved sleep, Post Concussion care, Vertigo/Dizziness, Energy Levels, Improved Digestion, Mental Clarity, Anxiety, Burning Urination, Balance

Dr. Arora is certified in Torque Release Technique.  He has been exclusively using it to adjust his patients for six years now.

If you’d like to book an adjustment or even a consultation, call us today.