A couple weeks ago, there was a news article published by the CBC.

It discussed how 1 in 6 Canadians suffer from pain from osteoarthritis,

And the complications that can arise from a very common form of joint

pain treatment – steroid injections (also commonly known as cortisone shots).

A very recent study at the Boston Medical Center,

Showed that a certain percentage of injections into the hip or knee led to worsening of the condition.

Some of the subjects had necrosis of the joint (death of the joint).

And some even suffered from fractures from the treatment.

The results lead the head researcher to state that practitioners “need to rethink this treatment altogether”.

And “We need actually to decide that (if) this drug is not as safe as we thought”

Now obviously these injections do work for some people.

Some of you may have even had them in the past with success.

So the point of this?

To keep you informed, and to help you understand you have options.

You see, there seems to be a never ending list of studies that come out,

Showing how certain drugs or interventions are not as helpful as we first thought.

Like the study mentioned above.

Many are showing detrimental impacts on our health.

So none of this is new…

What you can take from this is to remind yourself

To be PROACTIVE with your health.

Think of your body as being similar to a car.

You need to maintain it BEFORE the engine breaks down.

If you don’t, you may not have a choice but to try an invasive form of

treatment that may or may not work.

Or even worse – make things worse.

What simple changes can you make today?

Eat well. Exercise. Meditate. Do Yoga. Socialize (remember that Ted Talk I sent you a couple months ago?)

Maintain a strong nervous system through regular chiropractic adjustments.

So before your engine breaks down, and you start grasping for straws,

Give us a call.  We are here for you.

Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, foot, knee, arm, hand pain.  And much more…

For your reference, here is the article: