Summer can be bitter-sweet.

The weather is great (especially in Winnipeg).

Our mosquito problem seems to be a distant memory (not to jinx it).

And we get to spend more time with our kids 🙂

Do we love anything more than our own children?

So summer starts…

Week one – kids are happy, we are happy.

Week two – kids are a little antsy, but we are still happy.

Week three – kids are getting bored, and we need to find something for them to do!

We put them in camps.

But how many camps can they really do?

What else can we do to take advantage of this time off?

What about dealing with those aches or pains your child has been complaining of?

What about the fact that they haven’t been sleeping well?

Or their energy levels are low?

Do they have any weakness in their bodies?

Are they constipated?

Anxious? Nervous? Behavioural issues?

What about simply optimizing their health with a spinal check?

Consider bringing your child in for a Chiropractic Consultation.

The conditions you see above that your child may be suffering from,

Could be coming from the spine.

Or pelvis.

Or their nervous systems.

Which is controlled by the spine.

And pelvis.

And nervous system.

Or somewhere else in their bodies.

The point is, this is the time to bring them in.

Because once school starts again,

Life gets busy.

And you may not be able to bring them then.

We get totally get that.


Since you are on summer holidays,

And your child (or toddler, or teenager) could need the care…

Call us for a consultation.

There is a good chance we can help.

Make it a GREAT chance.

And it will help make the summer go by that much quicker.

Not too quick though 🙂

Yours in health,


Dr. Nitan Arora