Are you singing that old Milli Vanilli song out loud now?

Hopefully not!

Unless you are a good singer.


The weather has been great this summer so far in Winnipeg, hasn’t it?

We’ve had beautiful, warm, 30 degree days…

And we’ve had a lot of WET days too.

The flowers and lawns have been happy.

But has your body been happy with all this wetness?

Has your knee or joint pain increased?

Has your low back stiffened up on you?

What about your Fibromalgia?

If you have, you are NOT alone.

In fact, our patients are telling us that they are feeling the SAME.

This is not a new phenomena…

Is it an old wives tale that joints hurt more when it’s about to rain?

We all know someone who SWEARS they can predict in how many hours

the rain will come because their back hurts, or ankle hurts.

Well, the research is scant on it.

Scant? I mean the research doesn’t “back” it. (Pardon the pun)

See, sometimes we know what is good for our body.

And what is not good for our body.

Regardless of what the science says.

And sometimes what you believe even goes against what the science says.

And that is ok.

The point is, if you are feeling more stiff or achy with all this rain,

You are NOT alone.

These days it seems it is actually the norm.

Regardless, you can’t change the weather.

You can only change YOU.

And change your BODY.

So if you are feeling stiff.

Or achy.

Or are in pain.

Is there a better time than the present to take care of yourself?

Even if it’s one visit.

Ten minutes of your time.

Aren’t you worth it?

We are here for you.

Myself, Ashley or Dan (our athletic therapists), and Sara (our massage therapist).

Don’t let the RAIN be a PAIN.

Yours in health.

Dr. Nitan Arora