Last year, we created a logo and a new website..

We also fine tuned our crafts.

We are better at helping patients get BETTER..

This year, we are focusing on YOUR experience at the clinic.

We want you to get better, but also have a great EXPERIENCE when you visit us.

So we decided to do two things..

First is we changed all our clinic signage.

Take a look at the bottom of this email for a sneak peak.

And let us know..

Do you like it?

Do you not?

We won’t be offended. Seriously…

We only care to improve.

And to make your experience BETTER.

Now we are working on something else.

And in the next couple months you will see.


It’s a secret.

Kind of.

Well not really..

But you can find out first if you want.

Stop by anytime.

“Pop in” for an adjustment with Dr. Arora.

See Ashley, Dan, or Sara (our new Massage Therapist).

Come see Genalyn or Debbie for laser hair removal, or a facial.

(Did you know we also offered those services?)

Or just call us…. Laurie loves to chat 🙂