You’ve been having knee pain…. so what can you do about it?

On Wednesday May 29th at 6PM, I will be hosting a FREE health talk to discuss knee pain – both its causes and possible solutions.

The knee is a joint that is constantly in use through daily activities and is often a source of unwanted pain and discomfort. Knee pain is becoming a more commonly seen occurrence in our clinic, especially with upcoming spring cleaning and gardening season.

Why do our knees ache and stiffen up in the first place? There are several reasons including tight muscles, inflammation, arthritis and pelvic imbalance. Luckily, there are way to recover quickly from it.

This health talk we will be offering aims to offer more insight into how to diagnose and treat the cause of knee pain. In addition, I hope to provide some tips and useful strategies to help treat the pain at home.

If you would like to attend this FREE health Talk in person, call the clinic at 204-951-6887 or email to reserve your spot, as there are a limited number of seats. The talk will also be streamed on the Arora Family Chiropractic facebook page at 6PM (Note: Exercise demonstration will only be shown to those attending in person). All are welcome!

Daniel Rudy CAT (C); B.Kin.-AT

Certified Athletic Therapist- Daniel Rudy