Does the idea of treating kids with chiropractic perplex you or even scare you?  Are you thinking, “kids don’t have back problems, and even if they did, couldn’t chiropractic hurt them?  Why would someone take their kids to see a chiropractor?”

This is a perfectly normal and natural question – especially if you have have never taken your kids to see a chiropractor.  The truth is, thousands upon thousands of children are cared for by chiropractors across the world daily.  And rarely is there ever a mishap.  So we know it is safe for kids.  Now… why would do chiropractors treat children?  Well, there are many reasons.

First of all, anyone with a spine benefits from chiropractic.  We as chiropractors look for subluxations, or areas of stress on the spine.  These subluxations interfere with the communication of the central nervous system, which in turn, affects a child’s development.  In fact, children are quite vulnerable to subluxation. They are rapidly growing and developing while they explore their environment. Bumps and falls can place unhealthy stress on the spine.

Add emotional stress to the mix (don’t kid yourself – kids get stressed too), and the body’s nerves become overloaded. As this overloading continues, reactions occur throughout the child’s developing spine and nervous system, which in turn, affect development and health.

Here are the 4 common symptoms of a subluxated child:

1. Failure to thrive/ fatigue/ lethargy
2. Distracted concentration/ altered behaviors
3. Lowered immunity with recurrent infections
4. Heightened environmental sensitivities.

You will note that spinal pain and symptoms are not the primary complaint of a subluxated child or adolescent. These certainly can come later as the muscles and joints develop, but it is the non-spinal symptoms that are most troubling to parents and chiropractors.

At Arora Family Chiropractic, we see children as young as two months old and have had fantastic results.  Our treatments are gentle, as soft as a finger touch with the younger ones.

So if you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂