Most of you have heard this term before, but many don’t quite understand the meaning of it.

Something to do with fear?  Does it have to do with a bird flying away?

Simply put, “fight or flight” is an evolutionary response the human brain and body will fall into – when we are stressed.

Not stressed as in “Whoah, there’s tiger standing 10 feet in front of me”.  Well, actually, yes.. you would go into “fight or flight” if you saw a tiger within biting distance of you.

But for our discussion, we as humans will go into “fight or flight” even if you are late for work, you are arguing with your significant other, or you are simply feeling anxious about the endless tasks that you need to complete by the end of the day.

You see, when we are stressed, no matter how little, our nervous systems will go into “defence mode”.  In fact, our nervous systems will go into the defence mode, or “fight or flight” anytime we are under some level of stress because back in the stone age days, we WOULD see tigers and bears standing in front of us.  Our brains at that time would tell us to FIGHT the danger, or FLIGHT (run away).

Now, thousands of years later, that inherent behaviour is hard-wired into us and our bodies respond the same no matter how little or how big the stress.

The problem is… as these little (or big) stresses accumulate over time, our bodies get “stuck” in this “fight or flight”.  It affects our sugar levels, it affects our moods and emotions, it affects our sex drive.  It affects a whole lot of things, and it makes you feel crummy.

What can you about it? Stress less (that’s a given).  Meditate. Yoga.  And try chiropractic.  Not all kinds of chiropractic, but certain types.  Torque release technique works great for it (that is what we do).   We can run a Heart Rate Variability test (3 minutes long) to see if you are in “Fight or Flight”, and can then come up with a game plan to get you out of it.  We can potentially help get your life back to where it was – a fully expressed, and optimized nervous system.

If you have any questions, let us know.