There is no silver bullet for health.  There really isn’t.  Being healthy is a life long journey.  The earlier you start this journey, the less bumps in the road you will see.

There are thousands, if not millions of things you can do for yourself to get you to your health goals.  But how can you possibly know what to do when we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with tips, articles, news releases, blogs (like this one)?  And to top it off, research is always changing. Is coffee good for you? How about red wine?  What about milk and dairy?

Well, here’s my humble attempt to help you.  And let’s keep is simple.

These tips are basic.  They are common sense.  But sometimes back to the basics is all we need.  Why confuse ourselves?

Let’s go:

I talk about these with all my patients now as this is what gives us the best results in the office:

  1. Sleep – 7-8 hours of sleep.  Deep sleep (ie. should be dreaming).  Your body uses this time to regenerate you cells and organs.  If you are not getting the sleep your body needs, you must figure out why.  Are you stressed?  Are you doing shift work (consider changing that)?  Are you exposing your brain to the blue lights of your computer every night before bed?
  2. Eat – Eat natural. Not processed.  Not out of a can. Not even frozen dinners (too much salt).  Cut down on the sugars. Cut down on breads. Veggies are best.  Oh, and try going without a microwave.  We’ve done that in our home and it’s done wonders for us.
  3. Activity – Walk. Swim. Lift weights.  Do something. Just move.  Movement is life.  We live in a sedentary society.  Our bodies need to be stressed or they won’t be able to handle the stresses life gives.
  4. Stress (speaking of) –  Minimize it.  You can’t change your life, but you can change how you respond to it.  If you are having trouble with stress, meditate, or do yoga.  Stress is a silent killer.  That’s what the science tells us.
  5. Posture – keep your head up and keep your head back.  A forward head posture is highly correlated with poor health. Try taking a deep breath with your head shifted forward.  Now try it with your head back.  See the difference?  If you are having trouble with this, give me call.

Good luck with this, and if you have any questions about any of this, you can contact me anytime.
Dr. Arora, chiropractor