Mindfulness Meditation

(We no longer offer this service, but have chosen to keep the below helpful information for you.)

Mindfulness shouldn’t just make people feel better, it should make people be better. Instead of being a simple tool for stress, it’s a moralizing effort. In the long term people need necessity to bring their autonomy out, not just a blind belief in focusing on your breath every day.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Learn to have an impression with meaningful experiences like nutrition, exercise, and good habits
  • Learn how mindfulness can improve your sleep quality
  • Discover appropriate flow pre conditions to suit your goals, environment, social life, and more
  • Learn to act and think from a place that isn’t associated with external thoughts, feelings, perceptions that aren’t intuitive or identity based but a distracting persona
  • Develop an understanding of how limits help us organize investments of our time, energy, and other resources
  • Find mindful/flow characteristics to structure the pursuit of physical, mental, and spiritual growth
  • Understand how necessity brings our autonomy out, and requires rules, standards, and values to justify and sustain meaning
  • How to use mindfulness to constantly renew your aim upward
  • Understand how to attain the concept of “being”
  • Find and focus on intrinsic motivators like self-purpose, and mastery rather than non-mindful materialism motifs

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